Q: Do you do paddock mowing?

A: We aim to find the best economic solution for our clients. Paddocks smaller then 1hectare we can easily do. Larger paddocks may be more suitable for tractor mowing contractor services.

Q: Can you mow steep slopes?

A: Our machinery is able to climb 30º slopes.

Q: Can you cut or mulch blackberry or overgrown grass?

A: Yes, we can cut up to 1metre high.

Q: How much is your services?

A: Every property and customer needs are different. We prefer to meet onsite to discuss customer needs in order to provide an estimate or quote.

Q: How far will you travel?

A: We operate within 30km of Turangi. We will travel further on a case by case basis, depending on work volume.

Q: What weed sprays do you use?

A: We use a range of herbicides, both organic and chemical.

Q: Do you remove ivy?

A: Ivy is an invasive plant and can quickly smother and kill healthy plants and trees. We can, and do, remove ivy.

Q: Why should I choose ADZE Value over others?

A: ADZE Value Property Services offers a range of services. Most other operators specialise in one or two services only. We offer the full suite of property maintenance. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Q: Do you do tree felling?

A: We will fell and limb manageable sized trees. Where we feel your needs are better and more economically suited with an arborist, we will arrange this for you.

Q: Do you remove rubbish?

A: ADZE Value can remove rubbish and will always advise the most economic option, depending on amount and type to be removed. This may mean that ADZE Value could refer you to a specialised contractor. This is because specialist contractors are often better equipped than ADZE Value Property Services for large quantity rubbish removal.